Press release
Coating Additives
September 1, 2015

New Silicone Resin: HAPS-free for High-Heat Applications

SILIKOPHEN® AC 950 – the new high-temperature resistant, high-solids silicone resin from Evonik – is HAPS-free and intended to provide protective properties in industrial applications. No toxic substances release during curing, making application of SILIKOPHEN® AC 950 possible in enclosed spaces. Smoke formation and VOC content are significantly lower than traditional bake-cure silicone resins, allowing SILIKOPHEN® AC 950 to meet the increasing requirements for eco-friendly coatings systems.

SILIKOPHEN® AC 950 cures at ambient temperature, utilizing a catalyst, which provides additional advantages. Application displays high and early resistance to aromatic and aliphatic solvents, in addition to impact resistance and non-blocking properties without a bake-cure cycle.

“Oven drying at high temperatures has natural limits,” explains Kirstin Schulz, marketing director for industrial coatings. “Our ambient-curing systems enable coating of large objects such as in industrial plants for water treatment or for energy generation.”

Compared to classic bake-cure systems, energy consumption is also lower. Curing at room temperature facilitates a user friendly, economical solution to high-temperature resistant coatings.