Press release
Coating Additives
October 5, 2015

SILIKOTOP® for high-solid coatings receives Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Evonik’s product, SILIKOTOP® silicone resin, is a new series of specialty binders developed this year. The products are designed for topcoat applications in high-solid and high-performance protective coatings in areas ranging from marine vessels to trucks and public transport. It also offers customers a solution for overcoming the new tax policy on low-solid, solvent-borne formulations.

The jury of the Ringier Technology Innovation Award honored especially the very good weather resistance, chemical resistance, and early water resistance of the product. Furthermore, the jury acknowledged the potential of SILIKOTOP® to meet the new VOC policy of Chinese government.

The award was initiated by Ringier Trade Media. A judging panel comprised of experts from China’s authoritative associations, universities and research institutes in the coatings industry made the final decision.

“We offer state-of-the-art products for environmentally-friendly applications in the paints and inks field, high-solid applications, and UV-curing formulations”, said Thomas Ries, Vice President Business Asia Pacific, Coating Additives. “We go beyond the product to solutions to help our customers meet the requirements of the market.”