Press release
Coating Additives
November 2, 2021

Sustainable & Safe: Defoamer concentrates with high bio-renewable content

  • Developed for printing inks and varnishes
  • Highly suitable for food contact applications
  • Renewable content of 55 and 95 percent

Essen, Germany. Modern defoamers need to do more than just avoid foam: They need to be sustainable and safe to use as well. Two new defoamer concentrates of Evonik meet exactly these requirements: TEGO® Foamex 8820 and 8850 provide a bio-renewable content of more than 55 percent.

Both products have been developed for waterborne printing inks and varnishes. Especially in the packaging industry, consumer and food safety are of crucial importance. For that reason, the Coating Additives business line has launched these oil-based defoamer concentrates. They exhibit the same defoaming power as siloxane-based products and may be used in compliance with many regulations, such as Swiss Ordinance (Part A), FDA, and others. TEGO® Foamex 8820 and 8850 are 100% active renewable oil-based products and don’t contain any solvents, biocides, or mineral oil.

Still, both products offer a unique profile: TEGO® Foamex 8820 is very powerful and shear stable, ideal for use at the grinding stage. It contains more than 55% renewable content. TEGO® Foamex 8850 is easier to incorporate and more compatible. This “softer” defoamer with more than 95% renewable content is the first choice for the let-down stage.

“Our additives portfolio provides a growing number of products containing bio-based raw materials”, explains Courtney Thurau, head of market segment printing inks.” We’re continuously working on expanding our offerings to fulfill this important market need.”

Technical, regulatory and safety data sheets can be found at


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