Press release
Coating Additives
April 4, 2016

TEGO® Dispers 1010 – Lowest viscosities for high quality inkjet printing

TEGO® Dispers 1010 – Lowest viscosities for high quality inkjet printing

A new type of dispersing additive from Evonik’s Resource Efficiency Segment has been specially developed for low polarity ink systems – with a special focus on ceramic inks. Even at high pigment loading, TEGO® Dispers 1010 delivers low viscosities, thus making a major contribution to the efficient manufacture of ceramic inks. The solvent-free, liquid dispersing additive with 100% active substance content is easy to handle and dose.

TEGO® Dispers 1010 allows for the production of low-viscosity inkjet inks with Newtonian flow characteristics. Small particle sizes, obtained by efficient grinding, result in maximum color intensity, while narrow particle size distribution ensures inks with easy filterability. Sedimentation of all pigment types is suppressed despite the low viscosity and allows ink systems to achieve long shelf life.

“The product exhibits broad compatibility and can be easily combined with co-additives, such as TEGO® Dispers 656, to achieve a desired yield point,” states Dr. Anna-Maria Hofmann, director global of marketing for inks & new applications. “Combination with further dispersing additives also permits the compatibility of non-polar solvents, such as hydrocarbons, to be adjusted to that of polar solvents. A true all-rounder – also suitable for use with organic pigments and carbon blacks!”

Other TEGO® Dispers wetting and dispersing additives can be used in combination to promote the performance of TEGO® Dispers 1010. More information is available on request.