Press release
Coating Additives
April 2, 2015

TEGO® Dispers 675 - New Dispersing Agent for Coil Coatings with Excellent Color Stability

TEGO® Dispers 675 is the ideal option for solventborne direct grind colored coatings which meet the high quality requirements in coil coatings.

It provides very good results in rub-out tests with a superior image of clarity in applied coil coatings. Additionally, the new dispersing agent demonstrates excellent color stability and color development at various shear rates. This distinguishes TEGO® Dispers 675 from other products.

TEGO® Dispers 675 is supplied without any solvents as 100% active matter in pellet form, hence, it is very easy to handle. Dosage and storage of the product are uncritical even at high or low temperatures.

In addition to coil coating formulations, TEGO® Dispers 675 can also be used in pigment paste formulations.