Industrial floor coating

Additives for Floor Coatings

Whether subjected to heavy wear from forklifts in industrial buildings or a lot of foot traffic in retail stores – floor coatings must withstand high loads of pressure and usage. Evonik’s broad portfolio of additives ensures the durability, and decorative and antistatic properties of floor-coating formulations.

Benefit from our customized solutions for floor coatings

Floor coatings need to perform technically, look good, and be durable. With the help of our broad product portfolio, you can formulate cost-effective and resource-efficient, high-quality coatings that meet your specific demands.

In addition, we have experienced, technical experts around the world who can work with you to develop customized solutions. We also offer extensive digital support through our online formulation platform, COATINO®. With COATINO® Campus, we offer general and specific knowledge on products, processes, functionalities, and much more.

  • Broad product portfolio for different technologies
  • Global network of technical experts
  • Digital support: COATINO® formulation network and COATINO® Campus learning platform

The perfect match for your floor coatings

Whether you are looking for a defoamer for solvent-free epoxy floor coatings, dispersing agents for a two-component polyurethane system (2k system), or an effective deaerator for polyaspartic systems - our product portfolio makes it easy to find the right floor coating additive you need. Use our Product Finder to filter by technologies, functionalities, products and product groups. And, of course, our experts are always available to assist you.

Product recommendations for floor coatings

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Spotlight: How our additives make floor coatings safe and robust  

ADDID® 230 is a solvent-free, antistatic additive that increases the electrical conductivity of paints. As a result, it reduces the risk of small electrical shocks in floor coatings. These are not only unpleasant but can become a safety hazard or damage sensitive electronic equipment. ADDID® 230 is suitable for both 2-pack epoxy systems and 2-pack polyurethane coatings and can be used in both water- and solvent-based technologies. There is also an aesthetic benefit: ADDID® 230 is virtually colorless, so it will hardly affect the color of the coating and is also ideal for clear coatings.

TEGO® Airex 944  is a solvent-free deaerator that combines a very good compatibility in solvent-free, solvent-borne and high-solid systems with a high efficiency against micro- and macro-foam. As a result, both highly filled and more sensitive floor coatings can be efficiently deaerated. The additive formulation is based on organic polymers with a silicone tip to ensure use in AgBB-compliant floor coatings.

  • Deaerating/Defoaming
  • Flow & Leveling
  • Anti-Static
  • Wetting & Dispersing
  • Adhesion
  • Compatibilizing
  • Rheology Modification
  • Matting

Our additives for floor coatings are suitable for solvent-free, waterborne and solventborne formulations. We offer suitable products for all technologies including epoxy flooring systems, polyurethanes and polyaspartics with tailored performance profiles.

High functionality and robustness are the main requirements for heavy-duty floor coatings. Floors in industrial buildings need to be slip-resistant and easy-to-clean. In production areas for electronic devices, for example, the floor coating must not become statically charged, and in other types of work areas, chemical resistance is often essential. Elsewhere, coatings on parking lot surfaces must resist abrasion from tires and discoloration by UV radiation.

Along with these technical functions, coatings often fulfill decorative, aesthetic needs. This is especially true in public buildings and retail stores, where solutions are desired that feature uniform, stable colors that are scratch- and fade-resistant.

The areas where floor coatings are applied, need to be accessed frequently. It is therefore important that the coating is easy to apply and that the floor can be walked on again within a short time afterward.

Our teams of experts develop our floor coating additives with sustainability in mind. For example, our additives make coatings more durable and resistant, eliminating the need to waste resources on touch-ups and recoatings. We have also expanded our product portfolio to include sustainable raw materials, including bio-based materials, that emit little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or substances of very high concern (SVHCs) as the coating dries.

At the same time, we are also working to make coating formulation processes more efficient and sustainable. Some of the new developments we’re working on include highly effective dispersing agents that can shorten the production of floor coatings, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of product required.

We are constantly developing new, innovative floor coating additives – both on our own and in collaboration with our customers – to meet new needs and challenges. For example, we have the right additives in our portfolio to meet the shift in demand from solventborne to solvent-free or waterborne coatings. We’re also focusing on the development of new defoamers, deaerators and dispersing agents. Used in floor coatings, these additives make production more efficient and ensure smooth, homogeneous coatings in all applications. This benefits end users who want to coat large areas quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a high level of paint quality.

Strict regulations are in place to ensure safety in industrial buildings. In our COATINO® formulation network, you will find a lot of information as well as regulatory data in multiple languages for each product. Our regulatory team also keeps an eye on changing framework conditions for you. So you can be sure that both your production processes and your coatings always comply with the applicable regulations.