Sustainability goes deeper than the surface!

It’s about the use of safe materials and consistent viability of saving time, materials, and energy. Our holistic approach ensures that the lifecycle of coated objects is increased and that resources are saved. That’s what we call sustainability.

Our holistic sustainability approach is based on two main pillars: We minimize the footprint by using resources more efficiently and minimizing emissions, and we go one step further: We develop products and technologies that also reduce the environmental impact of our customers and end users to maximize the handprint.

Minimize footprint - maximize handprint
Sustainable coating additives


Our portfolio consists of several products with a clearly positive sustainability profile. We call these products Next Generation Solutions. These products are now highlighted in the COATINO® Product Finder.

Learning journey about sustainability in coatings and inks

Sustainability Learning Journey

Learn more about sustainability at Coating Additives on COATINO® Campus. We explain our approach in detail and provide background information, such as our portfolio sustainability analysis and life cycle assessments. Register at COATINO® Campus. You will finde the learning journey in the sustainability section.

Sustainability strategy at Coating Additives

Our sustainability approach

The basis of our sustainability approach is the determination of the most relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for our own business and downstream applications. We specified attributes to communicate the positive contribution of our solutions for each of the SDGs.

Biobased products

Our portfolio of products based on renewable resources is constantly growing. We provide overviews of products which are partially or completely based on renewables. Certified analyses of the renewable carbon content according to the ASTM D 6866 standard are available on request.

Ecolabels, low VOC and compliant coating additives

Safe-to-use and compliant products

Ecolabels, VOC levels and SVHC…The demand for product specific information is growing. When it comes to regulatory inquiries regarding our products, our global team of experts is available to provide the best possible customer support.

Product life cycle assessment

Product lifecycle assessments

The sourcing and manufacturing of our products goes in line with certain emissions. We monitor these emissions and carry out life cycle assessments (LCA) of our products. Feel free to contact us in case you need a LCA of one of our products.