We have been awarded!

Not once, not twice - but exactly 4 times (!) by the German coatings magazine Farbe & Lack!

Coating Additives awarded in four categories

The Farbe und Lack Award has been presented for the first time in 2020. Companies from all relevant value-added sectors of the German-speaking coatings industry applied and competed for the industry's favor.

Coating Additives submitted four examples in four different categories. In fact, every single one of the four submissions achieved an award - and so this success precisely reflects the Coating Additives image: Visionaries have no rivals!

Coating Additives won awards in the following four categories and is the undefeated number one in the category "Best Service Provider":

- 1st place in category "Best Service Provider"

- 2nd place in category "Best Digital Solution"

- 2nd place in category "Best Product Innovation"

- 3rd place in category "Best Sustainability Approach"

One of the purposes of the award is to present role models to the industry in the various categories, thus promoting inspiration for developments and innovations throughout the industry. The award winners have been determined via an anonymous online vote.

Find out here with which examples we were able to convince the voters